🏠 Alejandro Barreto

Untitled Adventure Book

  • Author: Alejandro Barreto
  • Date: 2019-07-21

Part 1

Chapter 1: Cold air feels free

Jump! 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, thud!

The air, the rush, ahhh yes this is awesome! Jump!


“Hey Kinek! What are you doing? Kinek, get over here!”, I yell backward.

“Yeah I know! Check this out!”


“It’s a bird!”

“Kinek, haha come on! We’ve seen them before! It’s not a big deal…. just get…”

Phhhhooom! Kinek lands a bit hard on the concrete.

“Where to next?”, he says with a grin, shaking off his pants.

“I dunno, man, over there?”

Pheeeww! He jumps and lands on the rooftop across the street.

“Wow dude! I dunno if I can jump that far…” How did he jump 50 ft??!

“Yeah you can. Anything I can do, you can do too.”

“No way! That’s crazy.”


“It’s too far. Don’t want to get hurt.”

“Jump! You can do it.”

“Nope man, mega no. I got a better idea.”

“Don’t overthink it!”

Phhheeew. Bam! I land on a narrow steel awning across the other alley. I run again and jump, but shoot! I slip… it’s still wet. But I got enough ooph to make it 20 ft upward to grab hold of a pipe. I pull myself up to the rooftop and Kinek is staring at me.

“Why did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You are such a wimp.”

“Hah whatever, I’m not trying to get hurt!”

“That’s stupid, you could have totally made that jump!”

“Yeah, but that was safer.”

“Not sure about that, you slipped. That wasn’t smart. We would have been in big masha.”

“Yeah, but if I just jumped straight across, I wouldn’t have made it so this was better. Did you forget about yesterday?”

“Miko masha,” Kinek says as he looks away. A somber look suddenly takes over.

The wind picks up and the air gets frosty.

“Hmm, sometimes I just think we’re wasting our time,” he says looking at his dusty boots. Kinek pauses for a second. “We’ve been doing this for like 3 weeks. What are we doing?”

“Jumping. And it’s been less than 2 weeks.”

“If you say so…”

“You’re not really good at counting.”

“Like it matters. You don’t need to count to jump. At least I can jump more than you. You chickened out!” he says laughing.

Kinek was right but…

“So that’s what we do now?” Kinek says after a few seconds.

“Yeah, Kinek, we’re jumpers now, or something. That’s what we do, we jump. Jump and run away.”

“It’s not like we can do this forever.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like we have any other ideas.”


We look over the sun setting over the New Austin skyline, or what’s left of it. The wind picks up even more speed that the pipes around us begin whistling.

“Hey!” I yell as I start running, “at least we’re alive!”

Pheeeww! I jump straight across the next street and land atop an old gas station. Yes! The air, the rush! I look backward, and THUD! CRACK! Kinek joins me, bending the steel beam he lands on.

“But what about tonight when…”

“No buts! Be grateful. We’re alive Kinek! We are alive.”

We walk to the other side of the gas station rooftop. There is some sort of bush growing in the middle. We make sure not to touch it.

“We jump. Get air, feel alive, right?” I say when we reach the other side of the rooftop.

Kinek looks at me with a smile. “Hmmm, alive…”

“We’re alive! We’re alive and free!”

We beam at each other and jump again.

Chapter 2: The sky is spaghetti

The wind is howling outside. Kinek and I are huddled in a patient room in an old hospital on the outskirts of town. We’re lucky the room still has it’s windows.

“Did you hear that?” Kinek asks.

“It’s the wind, Kinek.”

“No seriously, listen, I think they’re outside…”

“All I hear are trees.”

Yet we sit quietly. Not sure why Kinek is so sensitive. Actually, I get it, kinda. “I’m gonna peek out the window.”

“No!!!” Kinect whisper-yells.

I take my last few bites of the tuna we found in the terrace kitchen. Chicken of the Sea – mmmhm – each bite is like a gourmet meal. Gotta make it count!

“I can’t believe how long this stuff lasts. OK, I’m gonna check now.” I say tossing the can.

Kinek sighs and goes back to tinkering with the radio we found yesterday in a random warehouse we fell into. Boy that was stupid on so many levels!

I peek out the window and see nothing but the swaying trees. “Told ya Kinek, it was just the wind.”

Suddenly, a flash of light scans across the room.

“Maka maka!! What was that!” I say falling backward.

“They’re here!” Kinek says scrambling to put the radio back in his backpack.

I peek out the window again and see two FPA scouts and their drones eight stories below on the street. They’re walking away from us.

“Hey, you’re right. But they’re walking away.” I whisper over to Kinek.

“Losers! They’re probably looking for this thing.”

Bam!! Something loud down the hall!

“Crap!! That was here!” I whisper to Kinek. We have no weapons, what are we going to do! We have no idea what we’re doing.

Kinek throws me his backpack and gets in fighting stance.

“Hey!!!!” a female voice echos from down the hall. “Hey, it’s Crumbs! Why is all this stuff out here…”

“Crumbs!” I say as I run out the room. “How did you find us!”

“You didn’t come back last night so I climbed up the flag tower to see. I’ve been tracking you for a few hours. Couldn’t get close, damn drones.”

“Makes sense! Hey, come see what we found.” I say excitedly.

Crumbs’ long blonde hair was now tied up above her. My mom used to tell me girls like to wash their hair. But I don’t know why she doesn’t cut it: it just gets in the way with all this the wind. I guess she likes being a girl. A girl with a huge sword.

Kinek comes out of the room, backpack in hand. He looks slightly annoyed. “Crumbs! You gotta stop following us like that. Especially with that flashlight, you’re gonna get us caught.” Kinek pulls out the radio from his pack.

“Whoa! Is it a VHF radio? Did you check if the oscillator still works?” Crumbs asks in astonishment.

“I think so. I don’t know. Looks like the ones we used back on the pod. I’ve been trying to get it to turn on.”

“Could be the batteries.” I interject.

“Crumbs is the smart one.” Kinek says as he hands the radio over to Crumbs.

“Lucky for you guys I’m also awesome. I found this flashlight this morning and…” she says as she takes the AA batteries out of her flashlight and puts them in the radio, “I thought of everything.”

“Yeah right! You’re full of it.” Kinek snaps back.

Crumbs sighs, “You’re such a grump!”

The radio turns on.

“Yes, bingo!” I grin, “We did it!”

“Wait up, the volume doesn’t go really high. Batteries are low. What was the frequency again?” Crumbs asks.

“97.3,” Kinek says.

Crumbs tunes it and we listen in. Static. Just static.

“By the way, where’s Sonas?” I ask.

“I dunno, somewhere.” Crumbs replies, “He’s probably finding food, maybe a book. You know how he is.”

“Hmmm I guess. Hey, maybe we gotta get to higher ground.” I think out loud.

“How did you guys get stuck here anyway? You were supposed to come back last night.”

“Long story, ask this guy. At least we got a radio out of it!” says Kinek looking over to me.

Just then the radio goes out.

“Damn it! Crumbs find us a better flashlight next time.” Kinek exclaims.

“Hah! I got another one!” Crumbs laughs. She walks over to Kinek and pulls one out of his backpack.

“What the… !!”

“You’re more cute than smart!” Crumbs says with a wink. Kinek shakes his head, looking annoyed.

The new batteries work. We turn up the volume and listen in for about a minute. Static. Random numbers here and there.

“We can’t be the only ones from Evac Yellow,” Kinek finally breaks the silence.

“Hmmm,” I reply, “should we go upstairs?”

“Sure! Follow me, boys!” Crumbs says grabbing the radio from the table and runs down the hall.

“OK, off we….”


The wind is ringing
The sky is spaghetti
Fire is hot
Running down the hall

“Azel! Can you hear me??!” Kinek is yelling in my direction.

I’m stumbling. Everything is spinning, the world is so hot!

“Azel! What the maka! What the maka maka!” Kinek is yelling at me again, closer. He runs toward me and kicks the desk that’s on top of me. It goes flying down the hall and breaks apart.

My leg!!

“Are you okay?” Kinek asks taking a knee.

“Crumbs?!” I remember to ask, in pain.

“She’s fine. She’s…”

I fade out, fade back in. Crumbs appears out of nowhere, and is now giving me a hug. “I can’t believe you’re okay!”

Uhh my head hurts…

“Why are we being bombed?? Did they find us?” Kinek is angry, but keeping his voice down again.

“No,” Crumbs explains, “the FPA been shelling areas up north for the past week. At night. They use an energy weapon to stun people…”

“So the bomb isn’t explosive?”

“No, it’s a terror weapon. It confuses and burns people but doesn’t hurt anything else. They don’t wnat to blow up the buildings. They do it at night to keep people – I guess – to keep people from sleeping.”

“This is so stupid! We can keep the drones off, that’s already hard, but what do we do about this??”

“Nothing. Get out of town. That’s the point.”

“Screw that. I got their radio.”

Stole their radio. They’re pissed.”

“Hah, good!”

I am beginning to regain my composure. “We didn’t steal it. We found it!”

“Not to them you didn’t!” Crumbs replies, “Anyway, are you okay?”

“Never been better.”

“I’m worried about you. But no time to waste: where’s the radio….”

She pulls out the radio but it got crushed in the confusion. None of us speak. My leg really hurts. That desk was like 200 pounds, easy.

No more radio.

The seconds seem like minutes; disappointment sets across every face. The wind is howling outside again. The windows are now all broken and the cold night air is tingling our toes.

“At least we’re alive,” I say to break the ice.

“Shut up!” Kinek retorts.

We go silent for a second, then suddenly, we all break out in genuine laughter.

“This is so stupid,” Kinek says as we all look at each other with a false sense of accomplishments. Laughter abounds!

Now another minute passed–back in silence–as our gazes went back to the radio.

“I got an idea,” Crumbs says, “Let’s get out of here. We need to find the others.”

We pick up our packs and head to the rooftop.

But my leg really hurts.

Chapter 3: Rooftops are man’s best friends

“So yeah, how’d you get stuck?” Crumbs asks as she jumps down to the terrace below.

“Uhh you know, there was a football and…” I reply, as I climb down the ladder.

“A football??”

“Yeah, Kinek and I saw the football…”

“It wasn’t just the football, there was also a Wonder Woman comic.” Kinek adds.

“What! So you…”

“It’s best if we don’t talk about it.” I say, smirking.

“I’m not ashamed,” Kinek explains with a grin, “We were scouting and found them in the window of some random store. Azel fell through the roof jumping over.”

“I can’t jump that far!

“Uh huh.”

“Anyway, that’s where we found the radio and a bunch of baddies guarding a glowy, pizza-like thing. We’ve been running away!”

“I’m going back for the…”

“Hah! No. You’re going back home!” Crumbs interrupts and jumps over to the building across the street. “You guys are crazy, I love that, but don’t be stupid!”

“High five, Kinek!” “We showed them!” Kinek and I give each other high fives, smiling. Then we head to the edge. Debris fills the street below.

“Kinek, come over after Azel. For real, come on, I wanna sleep…” she yells from across the street.

I look over the edge of the terrace, again. My leg hurts. “Hey guys… um, this isn’t going to work.”

“Huh? C’mon it doesn’t actually hurt. You survived the crash! You can do this! You can’t tell me you’re hurt by that little desk, right?” Kinek attempts at encouraging me.

“I can’t guys. I’m just not that strong, even if it didn’t hurt.”

“Azel,” Crumbs begins, “none of us are that strong. Look around you! We’re not supposed to be here! We’re just kids.”

“Yeah, how did you make it?” Kinek adds looking at Crumbs.

“Rude! Just cause I’m tiny doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.”

“Um guys, uhhh… ok? Adventure, right?” I try to justify making a 30 ft jump with a hurt leg. Maybe it doesn’t really hurt. I don’t know.

I back up and get a running start. I can do this… my legs are pumping, I am feeling the rush again. Energy is flowing through my legs, they are flush! Pheeewwww! I let go! Yes I’m making it! I can do this! … no I can’t … maaaaka!

I can’t make it! CRASH!

“Are you okay???? Crap, this is our fault!” Crumbs yells from above. She’s entirely six stories up.

“Yeah, I’m okay actually, haha!” I am genuinely somehow not hurt. I landed on a bush. “Shit! A bush!!”

I get off the bush as soon as I can. I hope it doesn’t sting later. I look up and Kinek is already jumping down.

“We gotta stick together,” Kinek says landing next to me. “I don’t think you can jump anymore today.”

Crumbs joins us, and says, “Azel, you were making it. You lost your spirit. Why did you get scared?”

“I don’t know…. I can’t make those jumps. I’m…”

“No, you were going to make it,” Kinek affirms.

“You just don’t believe in yourself.” Crumbs continues.

“What’s there to believe in? I let everyone down.”’

“Ughhh this again…” Kinek sighs, “The pod wasn’t your fault. Plus I’m the depressed one here.”

“The pod was coming down anyway, you didn’t even launch it. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Kinek!” Crumbs says approvingly.

And honestly, I can’t believe she survived the crash–honestly I can’t believe I survived. I guess small people like us made it. But we’re just kids! What are we doing?

Just then, we hear growls in the alleyway walking towards us.

“This night’s about to get a lot worse….” I whisper while tightening my boots.

“RUN!” Crumbs yells!

The wild dogs – now more like wolves – are everywhere and pour out of the alleyway and into the street.

“RUN!!” I yell!

The dogs come growling at us hard, and we start our run. We’re jumping on top of cars, vans, trucks, touching off light posts.

“Hey! These guys are slow!” Crumbs yells toward us.

“Yeah!” Kinek and I say in unison.

Kinek, Crumbs, and I are now running together down the street, block by block, second by second. The dogs are now far behind us, and a few of them are already giving up. Why did we ever need cars like these pieces of junk on the street? We got legs!

“Phew! I think we outran them!” Crumbs says, catching her breath. We had run about 20 blocks.

“We need that do that again!” I mention in joy, “There’s something so alive about this.”

“Yeah but…..” Kinek ducks behind a nearby car. We instinctly duck as well. “I think we ran the wrong way. We’re really stupid.”

“Hey, it’s those guys again!” I whisper as I look through the car window. Yep, those PFN guys–four of them.

“Shhh! Damn it! We should’ve kept to the rooftops,” Kinek laments.

About 50 ft away, we hear a conversation, “Hey… yeah… we double-checked the hospital…. nobody…. also these punks stole… yeah just one…. yeah whatever, if they show up, we’ll teach them a lesson…”

“Maka! I think they mean us!” I whisper to Kinek.

The conversation continued, “… did you hear that? I get the sense someone’s watching us.”

The PRN guys get up and look around. Suddenly, we find ourselves face-to-face with one of them. “Hey!! They’re here,” the guy says.

“Crap!” I mention, “What will we do??”

“Fight!” Kinek gets up and charges the PRN guard. The guard, steps aside, and allows Kinek’s punch to fall through. SMACK! Right in the head! Kinek just got slammed against a dumpster.

Crumbs jumps in and knocks the guard down as Kinek gets back up and picks up a motocycle and throws it at two others coming in from our left flank.

“Crap, man! Run!!” I say. I start peace-ing the other direction but realize that Crumbs and Kinek are still back there fighting. “Why am I so scared!” I say to myself.

I stand there, watching as the tides have turned and now I see Crumbs and Kinek getting pummeled by a tall woman wearing violet body armor and a holovisor – obviously the boss.

“Help!” Crumbs yells.

Crumbs just got thrown against the same dumper Kinek was thrown into. Kinek charges the woman and get tossed the other direction.

“This is the end of you pests!” the woman yells, “You think you can do anything you want!!”

A small blue light appears above above her left palm. She lifts her arm up, and squeezes her palm tightly. The light envelopes her hand now as she pulls it back, “Now off with you!”

She punches forward toward Kinek. The light ball flies over the broken pavement and hits Kinek right in the chest.



We should have stayed on the rooftops.

Chapter 4: Running in the dark

“Ahhh urrrgghhh!” Kinek collapses on the pavement. The blue light disipates. Maka, is he dead??!?

“That is for my family! You evil kids!” the woman belts out.

“Kinek!” I yell, stunned. What did she just do? What was that light? Why can’t I move?

“What?! Who do you think we are? Who are you?” Crumbs asks in disbelief.

“My name Irismael. And I’m your worst ENEMY!” she shouts back.

Irismael launches toward Crumbs, who barely manages to dodge her attack, jumping 8 feet in the air. But Irismael bounces off the dumpster and grabs Crumbs from the back.

“You are mine now! Did you think I’m that weak?”

“Noooo!” Crumbs struggles but cannot overcome Irismael’s strength. Irismael drops Crumbs; her knees buckle and she falls on her hands. Wow, I’ve never seen anyone move that fast!

“Stop! Leave my friends alone!!”

“Who are you to tell me what to do? You’re a loser. You ran and left your friends to die.”

“No, stop!”

“Stop me then.” Irismael gets in fighting stance and motions for me to come.

Seconds pass by. I still cannot seem to move my body. I need to check up on Kinek… why am I paralyzed in fear?? Why are my fingers trembling?

“See! You’re worthless. Not worth my time.”

Irismael stands and walks over to Kinek. She picks him up by the leg. “He’s coming with me. Punk stole my radio.”

Suddenly, I see Crumbs charging toward Irismael with her sword, full-speed. “Take this!!!”

Irismael throws Kinek toward Crumbs. Crumbs barely moves her sword in time to prevent Kinek from getting hit. Taking advantage, Irismael follows Kinek in the air and kicks the sword, all in a single jump. The sword undulates, glistens, then shatters in two. WHOA…

Crumbs falls down, her hands bleeding from the shock. “Arrghhhh!”

“See, not even your sword can stop me!” Irismael picks Kinek up and throws him on his back. “Enjoy your last few seconds. The bombers will be here soon. Polearc, Funnel, get up! Let’s go!”

Her two guards get up and together they start running down the street. A few steps in, Irismael stops, turns toward me and says, “You’re pathetic. You let your girlfriend fight for you!”

With that Irismael takes off, running up the street.

“Why aren’t you doing anything???!” Crumbs belts out at me, eyes shut, yelling at the pavement. She’s on her knees and elbows.

I feel it slipping. Why am I so weak??! Why can’t I do anything?? Why did I let my friends die in the pod?! Why am I so useless!

“Wake up, Azel! Do something!”

Crumbs looks at her hands… they’re shaking. The dumpster shows the dent where she was thrown into. She was brave, and me, a coward.

No! This cannot be who I am! I feel something surging inside. Something raw. This can’t be happening! I have to get Kinek back!! He is my friend. We’ve known each other since first grade. He saved me from the crash fire. Why am I letting him down??

No! I take a step forward, then another, now I’m walking, jogging, now running…….. I am streaming down the street. Cars, bikes, sand bags, debris zip by. I’m seeing clearly now, why am I useless to everyone??

No! I need to get him back! Can I?

I feel alive again! The air is clearing my mind. Everything is becoming so real. Time slows down around me, it slows again, then suddenly my legs become jelly. The world is shrinking. What is happening… I’m spiraling down the street, feet above, head below, street on the left, clouds on the right, and it’s as if my legs are moving by themselves. I am no longer in control! I no longer see anything else, just a dark tunnel, with Kinek at the end.

Irismael peeks backward with a look of surprise.

“Wake up, Azel… wake up…. get up… c’mon man… wake up…” Kinek is sitting next to me, shaking my shoulders.

“Ughhhhh, what happened?” I say.

“I don’t know, you tell me!”

“I’ll tell you what happened!” Crumbs says, smiling. I turn my head and see her sitting on my left side, “You did it again!”

What did I do? Arggh! My head is spinning. I grab my left arm; it’s hurting. Did I fall again?

In the background, I hear the gentle hum of drones on the street below.

“We gotta get out of here. Tilo masha vieming…” Kinek says.

“Huh?” Crumbs asks.

“The drones. They’re getting closer.”

I look up. The sun is rising over the skyline. A couple birds are flying overhead. Are they birds? Or drones? My eyesight is too blurry. I look to my right. This place looks familiar: I think we’re on the rooftop of the same gas station Kinek and I had explored earlier. The world starts to spin again…

“Ughhhhh,” I pass out.

Chapter 5: There’s always time for coffee!

I wake up again in a bed. Home… well, at least what we call this tenth-story penthouse condo. And what a view it has. It would’ve cost a million dollars to live here, but the only reason anyone would want to live in it now are the windows. Crumbs has food ready for me. She’s smiling as she hands it to me, hands bandaged.

“Wake up, sleepyhead!”

“Heyy…. what happened?” I ask, rubbing my eyes.

“You were amazing, Azel! Don’t you remember?”

Crumbs makes running motions with her arms. Her excitement is almost contagious.

“I don’t remember anything…”

Kinek runs into the room, “Azel! You’re awake again!”

“Wait… aren’t you dead?” I ask.

“Do I look dead to you?? Ohh, that energy blast? I’ve never seen anything like it… still trying to figure it out. Knocked me cold. But Crumbs told me what you…”

“Must be the bush you fell into,” Crumbs interrrupts excitedly, “I think it poisoned you. Uhh, must’ve been a radioactive pink berry bush. Your heart must have been pumping it around faster when you started running.”

“What? A bush? Oh yeah, I did fall into one…” I think out loud.

Was that really it? A bush? No, I was really afraid. I’ve been stung by those bushes before. Or maybe this one was extra radioactive. I don’t know.

“It’s like something snapped,” Crumbs continues, “You were completely out, then I saw you mumbling to yourself. I thought you were totally gone for. Then you started running then basically flying down the street. I’ve never seen anything like it! You were so fast!!! You were amazing! 30 miles per hour! 60! 100! 1000?! Yeah, it was crazy…”

“Huhh?!?! I did what?” I can’t believe what I’m hearing. My friends are nuts! If I ran anywhere, it was away.

“Yeah!! You then ran directly into Irismael and she dropped Kinek. Honestly, that was pretty risky, but I don’t think you were thinking…”

“Um, I can’t remember this!” I say, sitting up on my bed. My arm still aches a bit, put I punch out to stretch it.

“Anyway, Irismael drops Kinek as she slammed like 20 yards forward into a giant gas truck. That thing went like,” Crumbs puts her hands out then quickly brings them forward into a V, “phhhump! Like a twig!” Crumbs jumps in excitement.

“Wait what!” I question in astonishment.

“That’s when I wake up,” Kinek jumps in. He’s also excited. I don’t see him like this often. “I guess the drop woke up me, and I looked over, and you were standing next to me like…”

Crumbs gets in a forward-looking stance, left leg down, right leg slightly up, pointing back.

Kinek continues, “Yeah… like that,” giving Crumbs a weird look. “Your eyes were white and even though you were just standing there, you looked like you were still running. It’s almost as if you were glowing too!”

This is crazy, I think to myself.

“Yeah then you just fell over, so Kinek and I picked you up and we stumbled into a nearby alley,” Crumbs explains making hand motions of picking up an imaginary me.

“That lady was in a lot of pain,” Kinek says, “You could hear her. She said something about needing to get back. Good! She deserved it!!!”

Crumbs follows, “Her people finally caught up to her, showed her some pizza thing, and the three of them rushed off up the street. Just then we heard some explosions. Each one got closer. The bombers were blowing up the street behind us. But we got out in time.”

“It was crazy, Azel, you missed out!” Kinek says, “You would have loved those explosions.”

“Ummm how big?….” I say. I’m really confused, but now I realize I’m very, very hungry. “Did we lose the backpacks? What happened to all the food?”

“Huge booms,” Kinek replies with a grin, “I mean, probably took down a few buildings.”

“You guys are silly. As if that’s a good thing! But yeah, we still managed to bring the food!” Crumbs says excitedly, “You’re eating some.”

“Wow, guys.” I’m still in shock. I look down at the can of kidney beans I’m eating. Crumbs had mixed in some pepper and olives Sonas found last week. “All I remember was running away… I let you guys down.”

“No way, man, you’re awesome. You saved us again,” Crumbs replies, “Anyway, get better, Azel, we need to get out of here before they find us.” Crumbs picks up some water bottles from my bed, “We should head to the mountains. And oh yeah, don’t get any ideas: I’m not your girlfriend.”

“Huhhh?” I ask. What is she talking about? Smiling, she leaves the room. Kinek crosses his arms, annoyed.

“Kinek, is this true? Everything?” I ask.

“Yeah man, no joke. I didn’t see you run, but you crushed that lady. You’re, uhh, unbelievable. Teach me how to do that, will ya?”

“Um, okay?” I say, giving him a smile, “But first, get me some of that coffee we found!”

“Hah! How do you even like that stuff???” Kinek uncrosses his arms, “Stuff’s for old people!”

“My mom used to make…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kinek interrupts, “I put it in the kitchen. There’s a few burners left. You can do it!”

“Didn’t I just save your life or something?”

“So? We’re even! I’m not your slave,” Kinek says with a wide smirk, “And I got a comic to finish,” as he runs out of the room.

Kinek, what a guy. I move my arm again and it’s already feeling better. Maybe I was just cramping from all the sleep. What time is it anyway? Oh well, I should get up and find out if they didn’t all accidentally eat some berries and halucinate the whole thing. What happened last night? Wish I could remember!

“Azel, make your coffee and pack up. I’ll leave a note for Sonas: no longer safe,” Crumbs says from the living room.

It’s never safe here on Earth.

But hey, we’re alive! And when you’re alive, you drink coffee!

End of Part 1