🏠 Alejandro Barreto — Software Engineer in Austin, TX

Early voting has delicious benefits

Free pizza at Homeslice with a “I voted” sticker!

I’ve always voted on Election Day. I love the excitement. I love seeing the lines, the posters, and the last minute pitches. It’s actually really awesome that we get to choose our leaders. Democracy is a wonderful thing. We – we – get to pick who is in charge of our nukes and aircraft carriers, who speaks on our behalf among the nations, who we trust to help us in tornadoes and hurricanes. Voting is very powerful!

This year I voted early. Early voting has its pluses which I didn’t know of before! If you’re not a lines person, then you will enjoy reduced lines. In fact, I didn’t wait a second! No lines whatsoever. On the last midterm election, I waited over an hour.

But the best part this year is that local businesses give you all sorts of free stuff. Here’s a list for Austin, TX.

Whether early or day-of, go vote!