🏠 Alejandro Barreto — Software Engineer in Austin, TX

I finally have a personal site!

Got this Jekyll thing working! And this is my first post :)

Why has it taken you so long?

Not sure. Never been a priority. But now I’m on vacation all December, so why not?

What are you going to write about?

Whatever I want :smile: it’s my site! Probably stuff I research, posted whenever I have time.

A few years ago, a colleague asked me how I selected and installed my security cameras. I wish I had a had a place to document what I told her, so that I could link to it again the next time a friend asks me (happens more often than not). That sort of thing!

I’m mainly writing this site for me. And for linking on Twitter and emailing links to my friends/family.

How did you build it?

What a journey! I experimented with many ways to make a site:

I finally settled on Jekyll on GitHub Pages.

Markdown is a simple yet powerful way to edit text. Having had a good experience recently with Markdown in VS Code at work (wrote a big design spec), I realized the experience can compete with a WYSIWYG editor such as Wordpress. However, Markdown/Jekyll comes without the baggage. The simplicity of not managing a database and the general awesomeness of GitHub helped cement my decision.

At the end of the day, I’m trying to make great content, not manage a website.

Why is your site so simple looking?

Turns out, I really like the default theme. It’s readable and familiar to all developers who have used GitHub (and who hasn’t).

Instead of messing endlessly with the design–as I often do with website–I stuck with it. After all, I want to focus on building great content, not pixel tweaking my website.

Well OK… I did modify it a tiny bit to add some basic navigation and improve HTML5 support, but otherwise it’s Primer.