🏠 Alejandro Barreto

Who am I?

Work in progress!


ENFJ. Break your limits! Wonder, imagine, be free, then execute!


I love adventure! e.g. scuba, cycling, skiing, international travel, saying yes a lot.

I used to work out a lot, now not so much. Need to get back into this!


Getting into this. Digging my Instant Pot!

Here are some pics of foods I’ve made: TODO

National Instruments

I help other engineers be more awesome at their jobs by improving their tools and automating their workflows. I really enjoy helping others!


I believe that Jesus died for my sins, rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures, reconciled me back to God, and now invites me to live His best life for me.


  • Refugees
  • Mentoring
  • MC
  • ADRN
  • THON


DBZ is #1 for all of these. DBZ aside… I’m a big fan of My Neighbor Totoro, crime series, Vikings, Lost (first three seasons though), etc.


Married to my best friend, whom I love so much <3