🏠 Alejandro Barreto

Don’t be afraid of buying then returning

This post also serves as a test of blogging from an airplane :smile:

Also, trying to keep this up-to-date. Any writing is better than no writing! (Well, most of the time.)

On Tuesday, I had free time to shop for household essentials. I was looking for a monitor stand, speakers, plastic containers for organizing, cleaning supplies, etc. One of my goals this winter is to organize my office… gosh, finally.

I randomly ended up at an Office Depot, after a partially successful Walmart run. There, I found a set of Logitech Z130 speakers for $14.99. Crazy! I also found a monitor stand – which unfortunately – was somehow more expensive, clocking in at $19.99 ($17.99 with a coupon a manager gave me).

I debated for a long time whether to buy these items:

  • Are 10W speakers like the Z130’s really going to cut it for me?
  • Do I really need a monitor stand? Also, they’re cheaper on Amazon (but not the same model)

OK just buy them!

After much deliberation (honestly, too much) I opted to buy both. Figured I could return them if I don’t like them.

Turns out 10W is insufficient for my office auditory needs. Not loud enough! No bass whatsoever. Probably OK for light listening or conference calls but not to actually enjoy music.

The monitor stand, on the other hand, worked exceptionally well. I wouldn’t have normally bought this stand at $17.99 since Amazon carried cheaper options, but seeing it on my desk sold it for me. I would have returned them if I didn’t like them.

What I like about this was that I turned this purchase into research. I learned that 10W speakers are not enough. I also learned that a monitor stand has to look good on my desk, and so I was willing to pay a bit more than just a functional piece.

So what??

This is a simple blog post because the morale is simple:

Opt for action. Especially if you can easily reverse the decision (i.e. return the item). You may learn something along the way!